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On our webpage you can find information about tourist buildings grouped according to their category.
Descriptions provide detailed data about the level of adaptation of buildings for disabled persons’ needs, for example: does a building have a wheelchair ramp, elevator, whether the width of the doors is sufficient for entering on wheelchair, if the personnel are well trained.
Data was acquired by the interviewers directly in the facilities.
If you possess any information or opinions about the building that you want to share, please write to us.

The goal of the project is to popularize the active way of spending free time through tourism and touring among disabled people.
The project will include the following types of  action:
- gathering data on the basis of  unified questionnaires and forms about the accessibility of the buildings for disabled people,
- verification and data processing,
- placing data into all-Polish data base,
- publications,
- management of promotional and information campaign,
- organization of popular science conference,
- participation in the Rehabilitation Equipment Fair,
-usage of internet in order to spread the information,
- promotion of active ways of spending free time by disabled people.

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In the framework of Project "Tourism for all", which is part-financed by the European Union, Polish Country-Lovers Society in cooperation with The Higher School of Tourism and Hotel Industry in Lódz organized a popular science conference "Role of sightseeing and tourism in life of disabled people". It took place from 15 to 17 October 2008 in Zalecze Wielkie, near Wielun.
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In the framework of Project "Tourism for all", Polish Country-Lovers Society organized a recapitulative conference. It took place 25th October 2008 in Warsaw.
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Friendly places

Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola

"Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola opens new possibilities for people with vision impairment, hearing loss, movement impairments and mental disabilities by eliminating architecture barriers and introducing specialized educational offer, developed by specialists. We have already installed a holding self-propelled ramp next to the stairs, which makes transport of people with movement impairment smoother. Gallery through touch is a constant open-air exhibition of sculptures, created especially for perception of sightless and short-sighted people. Sculptures' authors come from Poland and Ukraine. They created the sculptures during an open-air workshop from 4th till 21st June at the museum's courtyard. Ukrainian participants were research workers from Lviv Academy of Art reader Jurij Misko, reader Wasyl Gogol and Taras Rodycz, and Ludmila Misko. Poland was represented by: Ewa Beyer-Formela from Sopot, Pawel Sasin from Gdansk, Bogdan Markowski from Kazimierz Dolny, Boleslaw Marshall from Reszla, and two authors from Stalowa Wola: Krzysztof Czerwiak and Stanislaw Magdziak. Exhibition is accompanied by information written in Braille's, as well as spoken explanations prepared according to the rules of audio description, played on individual mp3 players. Furthermore, trained Museum personnel organises workshops, which lead to the creation of an educational package "Gallery through touch" in cooperation with typhlology specialists from Warsaw."

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