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Information about the “Tourism for all” project
Overall qualified costs of the project 55 345,98 EUR
Grant sum 49 811,38 EUR equals 90 % of the qualified costs.
Duration: 1.02.2008 - 30.11.2008.
Area: whole country.
The goal of the project is to popularize the active way of spending free time through tourism and touring among disabled people.
The project will include the following types of  action:
- gathering data on the basis of  unified questionnaires and forms about the accessibility of the buildings for disabled people,
- verification and data processing,
- placing data into all-Polish data base,
- publications,
- management of promotional and information campaign,
- organization of popular science conference,
- participation in the Rehabilitation Equipment Fair,
-usage of internet in order to spread the information,
- promotion of spending free time in active ways by disabled people
Realization of the project is planned for 10 months and is divided into 7 main Actions:
Action 1. Creation of the project coordination team.
Main Board of Polish Country-lovers Society is the Main executor and coordinator of the Project. Main Board assigns the tasks to 16 district coordinators who also take part in the project.   District coordinators execute the project in cooperation with volunteers. Volunteers verify information regarding the accessibility of the buildings for disabled people.
Action 2. Preparation of tools and promotional materials necessary for the Project .
The aim of the action is to prepare the materials which will be the compendium of knowledge about tourist infrastructure for disabled people in Poland.
In the framework of the Project the following actions will be taken:
- questionnaire about objects for volunteers (dependent on the type of facility),
- brochure “Disabled tourist”, edition 5000  copies,
- poster “Tourism for all”, edition 5000 copies., B-2 size,
- leaflet with a CD  ‘”Tourism for all”, edition 5000 copies, in printed form and on CD,
- publication following the conference, edition 2000 copies, in printed form and  3000 copies of the CD.
Action 3. Research of availability of the tourist facilities for disabled people.
The aim of the taken action is to prepare the information about the accessibility of tourist buildings for disabled people. The survey will be based on ‘Facility accessibility card’.
Action 4. Creation of a web site “Tourism for all”.
The goal is to create a complex and reliable data base of tourist infrastructure accessible for disabled people in Poland. All information gathered and verified by the volunteers will be made accessible on an existing Web site This web site will be a data base of all the verified buildings.
Action 5. Popular science conference “The role of sightseeing and tourism in life of disabled people”.
The aim of the conference is to start a discussion, exchange information and experience connected with proper organization of tourism and sightseeing for disabled people with the use of existing models and methods in the European Union.
Action 6. XVI International Rehabilitation Equipment Fair "REHABILITACJA" in Łodz.
The goal is to make the society more familiar with problems of active tourism of disabled people.
Beside the stand "Disabled tourist" Polish Country-lovers Society will show good examples of tourism undertaken by disabled people by:
- lectures during the conference "Tourism for disabled people",
- therapeutic workshops for families,
- multidisciplinary tourism event with participation of disabled people.
Action 7. Summary of the project.
The goal will be to summarize the results of the inventory of tourism objects accessible for people with a different degree of disability. Another aim will be to summarize the agreements of the popular science conference. The Rehabilitation Equipment Fair will be summed up. The summarizing meeting will take place in Warsaw (press conference). At the informational meeting the representatives of the local government, education authorities organizations and societies taking up the problems of disabled people will be present.
Informational materials, which will be presented in the framework of the project:
- brochure „Disabled tourist ",
- poster “Tourism for all”,
- leaflet with a CD “Tourism for all”,
-post-conference publication „Role of sightseeing and tourism in life of disabled people”.
- internet-based data base of places accessible for disabled people.
Manager of the Project from the Main Board of the Polish Country-lovers Society is Joanna Śledzińska.
We would like to invite disabled people, media, local government authorities, non-governmental organizations working on the matter of disabled people to take part in the project and in its promotion.
Information about the project:
Project’s Office "Turystyka dla wszystkich"
00-075 Warszawa, ul. Senatorska 11
e-mail: poczta (at)


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